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I am an experienced educator with a proven track record of working in the higher education industry and in K-12 education, specifically in alternative education settings such as county jails, juvenile halls and probation camps.
I currently am a professor at Santa Barbara City College and the University of California, Santa Barbara. I am also skilled in Academic and Career Advising and Curriculum Development. I am a dedicated and compassionate education professional who obtained a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Education from the University of California, Santa Barbara. My focus is in Special Education and supporting children with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges who also receive the least amount of special education services.  

I believe every child is deserving of a chance to pursue their dreams. I Co-Founded a nonprofit organization, Freedom 4 Youth, with youth from the Los Prietos Boys Camp to empower youth through knowledge, community, opportunity and access.... a chance. Check out our website and join the movement!




Experience. Compassion. Dedication.


Encourage, intervene and advocate for students experiencing personal, academic and other developmental challenges. Provide diverse students with support services related to admissions, records, career guidance, financial aid options, resources and overcoming barriers. 



We work together to develop your individual presence so that you can connect with and inspire others. We focus on being your authentic self, providing credibility and developing trust with a clear and energetic message. Whether it’s a school, work, family or community presentation I am committed to your success! 


My purpose is to progressively and systematicly create processes that enhance the educational system. For over a decade I have developed curriculum and educational programming for a wide variety of institutions and alternative education settings.

I have developed K-12 classroom lesson plans aligned with specific learning standards, workshops for educational programs and conferences within alternative education settings such as juvenile halls and probation camps, job readiness for youth and adults with special needs, prison education curriculum, non-credit adult education courses, university courses, among many others. I also develop trainings and other teacher education classes to coach institutiomal program leaders in curriculum implementation and development.

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Since 2008, Freedom 4 Youth has grown a comprehensive, grassroots program that empowers youth within and beyond the juvenile justice system. F4Y provides personal and leadership development, one-on-one mentorship, and tailored transition support to help youth transition from detention to freedom while identifying satisfying careers, pursuing higher education, and nurturing their families. The stories of the youth we’ve served demonstrate that our compassion and commitment pay off with decreased recidivism, positive career and education outcomes, and increased community engagement. We are in the business of giving every young person a chance to flourish and creating an equitable and safe community in Santa Barbara County. We need your support to expand our operations and capacity—to establish a center, to make our program sustainable, and to ensure that we can continue to deliver young people from challenging circumstances to a lifetime of opportunity. 


I got an A on all speeches I did so far in college and I owe that to you. Don’t stop what you do. This program changed my life. You really help everyone out! Thanks again!

Reynaldo Guzman 


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